2014-08-05: Stable release VDRAdmin-AM v3.6.10 [Changes]

  • Improved: Optimized images to reduze their size. (Submitted by Ville Skyttä)
  • Improved: Sort recordings secondarily by date when sorting by name. Makes the ordering stabler for multiple recordings with the same name. (Submitted by Olli Lammi)
  • Added: streaming of recordings folders (Submitted by Daniel Matzke).
  • Added: Hungarian translation (Submitted by István Füley).
  • Fixed LSTR when executing recording commands on VDR >= 1.7.21 (Submitted by David Rütti)
  • Updated: Italian translation (thanks to Diego Pierotto).
  • Updated: Finnish translation.

2011-11-20: Stable release VDRAdmin-AM v3.6.9 [Changes]

  • Added: Support changed SVDRP LSTR output of VDR >= 1.7.21 (Ville Skyttä).
  • Fixed: --log 0 command line argument (Ville Skyttä).
  • Improved: Startup error messages on module load failures (Ville Skyttä).
  • Added: -L/--logfile command line arg for overriding config (Ville Skyttä).
  • Changed: Honor config logging options with --nofork (Ville Skyttä).
  • Changed: Specifying -L or -l turns logging on (Ville Skyttä).
  • Improved: Do not require pid dir when not running as daemon (Ville Skyttä).
  • Improved: Autodetect default for number of DVB cards (Ville Skyttä).
  • Fixed: Non-localhost streamdev URL (Bug report #653, Ville Skyttä).
  • Added: Live TV streaming with Xineliboutput plugin (Ville Skyttä).
  • Improved: Adapt rename recording to Liemikuutio 1.32 (Ville Skyttä).
  • Added: Show recording length in list and details with VDR >= 1.7.21 (Bug report #813, Ville Skyttä).
  • Added: Show available subtitles in EPG/recording details (Ville Skyttä).
  • Updated: German translation (Andreas Mair).

2011-06-03: Stable release VDRAdmin-AM v3.6.8 [Changes]

  • Updated: Dutch translation (Submitted by Roel Koelewijn).
  • Updated: Finnish translation (Ville Skyttä).
  • Improved: Access logging (Ville Skyttä).
  • Improved: SVDRP connection error handling/logging/messages (Ville Skyttä).
  • Improved: Default SVDRP port is 6419 in initial config if locally installed VDR is >= 1.7.15 (Ville Skyttä).
  • Improved: Use default streamdev host from browser URL when VDR host is localhost (Ville Skyttä).
  • Improved: Allow specifying multiple local subnets (Feature #560, Ville Skyttä).

2010-04-10: Stable release VDRAdmin-AM v3.6.7[Changes]

  • Updated: Italian translation (Submitted by Diego Pierotto).
  • Fixed: creating/editing of searches using EPGsearch v0.9.24 (Bug report #567).
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.

2010-03-13: Stable release VDRAdmin-AM v3.6.6 [Changes]

  • Added: Support new epgsearch v0.9.25-git settings "unmute" and "min. description match".
  • Changed: Log to syslog by default (if logging is enabled) (Ville Skyttä).
  • Changed: Fall back to stderr if setting up syslog fails (Ville Skyttä).
  • Changed: Get character encoding from configured locale or environment variables (Submitted by Tobias Grimm).
  • Fixed: Encode SVDRP commands sent to VDR if needed (Submitted by Tobias Grimm).
  • Updated: Italian translation (Submitted by Diego Pierotto).
  • Updated: Dutch translation (Submitted by Roel Koelewijn).
  • Updated: Spanish translation (Submitted by Manuel Gomez).
  • Improved: Default mail settings (Ville Skyttä).
  • Fixed: Check if "GUI_POPUP_WIDTH" and "GUI_POPUP_HEIGHT" are numeric and set them to the defaults if they are not (Reported by Jan).
  • Added: Support VDR 1.7.12+ commands.conf and reccmds.conf (means: skip lines ending in "{" and lines with only "}" in them).
  • Added: check file and directory permissions on startup abort on error.
  • Changed: Default directory for PID file to /var/run/vdradmin.
  • Changed: Default directory for log file to /var/log/vdradmin.
  • Changed: Use "cache" directory in the current directory if $SEARCH_FILES_IN_SYSTEM is not set.
  • Changed: Hide "record" button in EPG lists there's already a timer for that broadcast (Based on patch by Dave Pickles).
  • Added: New options to show or hide a broadcast's subtitle and/or summary in EPG lists (Based on patch by Dave Pickles).
  • Added: New option to set a day's "start time" in "Playing today?" (Based on patch by Dave Pickles).
  • Changed: Minimum required epgsearch version now is 0.9.24.
  • Added: Support for new epgsearch search timer actions (Bug #557).
  • Changed: "--ipv6" only enables IPv6 for connections to VDRAdmin-AM, to also use IPv6 for SVDRP connection one can use "--ipv6-all" (if he really knows what he's doing!).
  • Fixed: Check encoding for every SVDRP connection (Submitted by Tobias Grimm).
  • Changed: Warn about missing key or certificate if --ssl is used.
  • Changed: Certificates for --ssl option must be located in $ETCDIR/certs.
  • Fixed: Resizing browser window in "Timeline" showed "file not found" (Reported by tag
  • Updated: Links to EPGSearch and Streamdev home pages (Ville Skyttä).
  • Updated: Finnish translation (Ville Skyttä).

2009-12-30: Stable release VDRAdmin-AM v3.6.5 [Changes]

  • Changed: use HTTP::Date for HTTP date/time formatting (Ville Skyttä).
  • Improved: Create fewer SVDRP connections (Ville Skyttä).
  • Fixed: some jslint warnings in javascript files (Ville Skyttä).
  • Improved: Config file read/write error handling (Ville Skyttä).
  • Improved: Send Last-Modified header for static resources (Ville Skyttä).
  • Added: "-l" and "--log" parameter.
  • Changed: "-nf" option to "-n".
  • Changed: Logging.
  • Added: "--ssl" switch to accept https instead of http.
  • Added: Find VDR 1.7.2+ TS recordings.
  • Updated: Italian translation (Submitted by Diego Pierotto).
  • Fixed: epgsearch uses seconds in aux field of timers, not minutes (Reported by Rincewind99
  • Fix bug #507 "EPGsearch custom categories no longer show".
  • Fixed: Saving the config showed error message "1".
  • Reworked: Spanish translation (Submitted by Manuel Gomez).
  • Fixed: failing check whether the process with our pid is a vdradmind (Ville Skyttä)
  • Fixed: always exit with status 1 from --kill if no processes were killed (Ville Skyttä)
  • Improved: pid file error handling (Ville Skyttä)
  • Added: autotimer schedule change tracking option in UI (Ville Skyttä)
  • Fixed: use text/javascript for JavaScript in HTTP headers (Ville Skyttä)
  • Updated: required Perl module documentation (Ville Skyttä)
  • Improved: template caching options (stat ttl, default cache dir is now /var/cache/vdradmin) (Ville Skyttä)
  • Improved: error message when binding the server socket fails (Ville Skyttä)
  • Improved: warn if log file cannot be written to (Ville Skyttä)
  • Fixed: don't try to delete pid file in non-daemon mode.
  • Improved: include reason in pid file deletion error message (Ville Skyttä).
  • Added: ability to log to syslog ("LOGFILE = syslog" in config) (Ville Skyttä).
  • Changed: non-daemon mode (-nf) always turns on logging to stderr (Ville Skyttä).

2008-12-20: Stable release VDRAdmin-AM v3.6.4 [Changes]

  • Changed executable and process name to "vdradmind".
  • Added: Use ".update" in VDR's video directory to check if recordings cache needs to be refreshed.
  • Added: CACHE_REC_ENABLED option in vdradmind.conf to enable (1) or disable (0) recordings caching.
  • Changed: now is optional and no recoding will happen if it's missing.
  • Updated: Finnish translation (Ville Skyttä)

2008-12-13: Stable release VDRAdmin-AM v3.6.3 [Changes]

  • Changed executable and process name to "vdradmind".
  • Added Play/Stop/FastForward/etc. buttons to remote controls.
  • epgsearch templates can be created, modified and deleted.
  • Read used character encoding in SVDRP connections and recode result to the encoding used in the current locale.
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.

2008-06-30: Stable release VDRAdmin-AM v3.6.2 [Changes]

  • Changed: No need to set the VFAT option in VDRAdmin-AM any longer as both filename codings will be searched for.
  • Fixed some bugs in tv.html.
  • Include UTF8 locales by default.
  • Added support for modifying EPGSearch blacklists.
  • Bugfixes.

2007-12-19: Stable release VDRAdmin-AM v3.6.1 [Changes]

  • Support for features introduced in epgsearch v0.9.23. Older releases are no longer supported.
  • Bugfixes.

2007-09-21: Stable release VDRAdmin-AM v3.6.0 [Changes]

  • Small bugfixes.

2007-08-27: Preview release VDRAdmin-AM v3.6.0rc

  • Reworked configuration part: selected channels work again and settings are only applied if "save" or "apply" is pressed in config menu.
  • Fixed: initialisation if CHANNEL_WANTED_<area> config options.

2007-08-17: Preview release VDRAdmin-AM v3.6.0beta

  • Export each channel group as playlist.
  • Channel list in remote control menu.
  • New dropdown box in EPG views to switch the used channel groups quickly. At the moment the groups "All channels", "Selected channels", "TV channels" and "Radio channels" exist.
  • Reworked (optional) background update of EPG data.
  • New option to display channels without EPG data.
  • Individual start/stop buffers for AutoTimers.
  • New button in EPG views to edit an EPG entry.
  • Extended information in LiveTV streaming playlists.
  • Two optional external searches in EPG views.
  • Support for epgsearch's timer checking (requires at least epgsearch v0.9.21).

2007-01-25: Stable release VDRAdmin-AM v3.5.3 [Changes]

  • Fixed: epgsearch's LSTT/DEFT commands need at least epgsearch v0.9.20.
  • Added: Klaus Schmidinger's "lste" speedup patch.
  • Changed: Do not send every HTTP header line in its own TCP packet (Speedup!).
  • Changed: Display error message if VDRAdmin-AM can't connect to VDR if index.html is requested.
  • Changed: Added warning in epgsearch edit if neither "title", "subtitle" nor "description" is checked.
  • Changed: Don't show recording commands drop-down if there are no reccmds.
  • Fixed: When sorting recordings by name, sort folders by name too.

2006-12-08: Stable release VDRAdmin-AM v3.5.2 [Changes]

  • Fixed canceling of "Do you really want to delete?" messages (Reported by KHG_AC

2006-12-01: Stable release VDRAdmin-AM v3.5.1 [Changes]

  • Added Italian translation (Submitted by Diego Pierotto).
  • New epgsearches can be based on epgsearch's templates.
  • Bugfixes.

2006-11-10: Stable release VDRAdmin-AM v3.5.0 [Changes]

  • Minor bugfixes.

2006-11-02: Preview release VDRAdmin-AM v3.5.0rc

  • Minor bugfixes.

2006-10-27: Preview release VDRAdmin-AM v3.5.0beta

  • Added: Support for epgsearch plugin; AutoTimer now considered deprecated and unsupported.
  • Added: script to convert existing AutoTimers to epgsearch (
  • Minor bugfixes.

2006-09-29: Stable release VDRAdmin-AM v3.4.7 [Changes]

  • Also save number of lines to display in "Commands" menu.

2006-09-06: Preview release VDRAdmin-AM v3.4.7beta

  • Support PLAY and EDIT commands to play and cut recordings.
  • New option for saving configuration at exit. This will also save sorting in lists, interval and size in TV and the current view in "What's on now".
  • Check available VDR features and disable missing ones. At the moment it's used for the Streamdev plugin and "rename recording". (Un)available features are listed in the Help menu.
  • Use the recording's date instead of " " in the recording's folder name if AutoTimer sets a episode timer for an event that has no subtitle.
  • It's possible to create UTF8 translation files (see "./ utf8add).
  • New translation: Czech
  • Other smaller bug fixes and enhancements.

2006-07-14: Stable release VDRAdmin-AM v3.4.6 [Changes]

  • Reworked timeline; now adapts to windows's width (needs JavaScript!).
  • Reworked Web User Interface.
  • Removed skins "bilder" and "copper".
  • New skin "default" (using PNG images).
  • Added individual start/stop margins for AutoTimers.
  • Bugfixes.

2006-07-14: CVS Access (replaced by GIT access, see Download)

  • Get latest (and greatest?) release directly using CVS.

2006-07-07: Preview release VDRAdmin-AM v3.4.6rc

  • Bugfixes.

2006-06-30: Preview release VDRAdmin-AM v3.4.6beta5

  • Bugfixes.

2006-06-26: Preview release VDRAdmin-AM v3.4.6beta4

  • Timeline now adapts to windows's width (needs JavaScript!).
  • Fixes weird EPG display behaviour.

2006-06-23: Preview release VDRAdmin-AM v3.4.6beta3

  • Fixed lots of bugs.
  • Added individual start/stop margins for AutoTimers.

2006-06-16: NEW: Mailing list

  • Now there's a mailing list for VDRAdmin-AM! It's the prefered way to ask question concerning VDRAdmin-AM. New releases will be announced there.

2006-05-24: Preview release VDRAdmin-AM v3.4.6beta2

  • Reworked Web User Interface.
  • Removed skins "bilder" and "copper".
  • New skin "default" (using PNG images).

2006-05-18: Stable release VDRAdmin-AM v3.4.5a [Changes]

  • v3.4.5a: fixed buggy installation.
  • New Russian translation.
  • Bugfixes (e.g. AutoTimer emails).