VDRAdmin-AM is a fork of VDRAdmin which was included in the LinVDR distribution. The original VDRAdmin has been developed by Thomas Koch. Thanks a lot!

VDRAdmin-AM offers a web based user interface to the well-known VDR. This means you can control your VDR by using any ordinary web browser!

But why did I start VDRAdmin-AM?

It started that the original release didn't show correctly within Konqueror, my favourite web browser. And there had been various useful patches (many thanks to xpix for his BigPatch!) I also wanted to use. After putting everything together and being satisfied with the result I thought that other users might be interested in it too. So I decided to release the package. Release vdradmin-0.97-am1 was born.

I had been surprised by the positive feedback and even more useful patches arrived, waiting for integration. Bugs have shown and changes in VDR's developer releases (v1.3.x) needed adjustments in VDRAdmin-AM. At that time I spent much more time in development that I expected in the beginning.