Latest stable release:v0.1.2
Latest stable release for VDR v1.4.x:v0.0.6
GIT access:EnigmaNG GIT


You need either the "hicolor" or the "locolor" logo pack. Please read the included README for information on how to install.

The hicolor logo pack
The locolor logo pack
This logo pack is intended to be used with DXR3 cards. At the moment I don't have any information if EnigmaNG and the locolor logos really work on a DXR3, but this might be a good start...
Channellogos are no longer maintained by me.
If you don't want to see channellogos in the skin you don't need them. But if you want to have them you can grab some from here (external source!). You need the 80x80 pixel size.